Unit 5 - Assessment

ETAP 623 Fall 2010

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This unit will be geared towards reviewing what the students have learned over the course of the unit, and giving them a final opportunity to practice it prior to taking their unit test. There are a couple of review and practice activities, and then the students will be given their unit test for the remainder of the class in order to make sure they have enough time to complete the assessment.

In the following class, the students will receive their compositions back and be asked to make corrections according to the codes they have been given for errors they have made.

Instructional Objectives

  1. Students will be able to use the future and conditional tenses with regular and irregular verbs.
  2. Students will be able to write a 100 word composition using the future and conditional tense.
  3. Students will be able to identify and use unit vocabulary regarding employment and use it in their listening, reading, and writing.

Pre-Requisite Skills

  1. Understand the difference between the words "will" and "would" in English
  2. Understand the basic subject pronouns in Spanish
  3. Understand the basic conjugation procedures in Spanish
  4. Conjugate both present tense and past tense verbs in Spanish
  5. Conjugate both regular and irregular future and conditional tenses in Spanish

Instructional Activities

  • When the students enter the classroom they will be asked to put their materials under their desks and take a white board, marker, and eraser from the table. I will use the smart board random word chooser activity, as we had done in our first unit, except this time the words will pop up in English and the students will have to give me the Spanish translation with correct article in Spanish on their white boards. I will also quickly review the future and conditional endings and irregular verbs with the students using a different smart board review activity.
  • To take this pre-test review one step further, I will play the "lightning" round with the students using the attached pdf. It will be presented using the smartboard, where two students come up to see who can tap the smart board screen the fastest, thus giving the correct translation for the picture given. It is a points based game to get the students actively engaged with the unit content prior to their unit test. The activity is attached in pdf. Media:Relámpago!_El_Empleo.pdf
  • The students will then be given their unit tests. The tests will consist of the following sections. The unit test is attached. Media:Unit_Test.pdf
    • Part one will be a listening comprehension section in which students will have to recognize the use of the future and conditional tenses being used in conjunction with the unit vocabulary. They will have five multiple choice questions to answer in English.
    • Part two will consist of seven reading comprehension questions. There is one longer passage with five questions and two short passages with one question each.
    • Part three will consist of a grammar section in which students are asked to translate sentences and conjugate both regular and irregular verbs (each separated into their own sections to help students).
    • The last part is a 100 word composition in which students write to the one of two topics of their choosing. The topic they choose will allow students to use the future and conditional tenses as well as their unit vocabulary. Media:Composition.pdf

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