Unit 4 - Application

ETAP 623 Fall 2010

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In this unit, students will really begin working to show me what they know when it comes to the conjugation of the future and conditional tenses, with both regular and irregular verbs in conjunction with the unit vocabulary on employment.

Instructional Objectives

  1. Students will be able to use the future and conditional tenses with regular and irregular verbs.
  2. Students will be able to create sentences using the future and conditional tenses with regular and irregular verbs.
  3. Students will be able to identify and use unit vocabulary regarding employment.

Pre-Requisite Skills

  1. Understand the difference between the words "will" and "would" in English
  2. Understand the basic subject pronouns in Spanish
  3. Understand the basic conjugation procedures in Spanish
  4. Conjugate both present tense and past tense verbs in Spanish
  5. Conjugate both regular and irregular future and conditional tenses in Spanish

Instructional Activities

  • To reinforce the irregular verbs in the future and conditional tenses, I will give the students the following warm up on the smart board. The verbs on the smart board activity (as well as on the attached pdf are color coded by the type of irregular verb conjugation they follow to help the students identify them. A pdf version is attached. Media:Warm_Up_Irregular_Future_Conjugation_Review.pdf
  • We will then practice creating sentences after being given a verb and an ending on the smart board. The students will have to create a sentence on a white board in response to what they see. The verbs and endings are attached, but can appear randomly with eachother via the smart board activity. I will also use the smart board timer to create a sense of urgency and increase student motivation within this activity. This practice includes regular and irregular verbs. I will give students feedback individually as they hold up their white boards. The verbs and endings are attached in a pdf. Media:Conditional_and_future_endings_with_employment_verbs_sentence_strips.pdf
  • The last activity here, will be in preparation for the students to use what they have learned in writing a composition. Instead of just being asked to write the composition, however, I will pose to them several questions in which they need to use the future or conditional tense to answer them. After the students answer the questions, they will use the remainder of classtime to work with partners for peer corrections. The questions are attached in pdf. Media:Una_Práctica_importante_para_la_composición.pdf

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