Unit 4: Reflecting on the Activity and Learning Outcomes



Unit 3: Creating a Technology Supported Collaborative Learning Activity

Unit 2: Benefits and Potential Issues with Collaborative Learning and Technology

Unit 1: Key Components of Designing and Implementing Collaborative Learning and Technology in the Classroom

Technology Supported Collaborative Learning

Course Objective

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the benefits and issues of implementing Technology Supported Collaborative activities into a unit through class discussions, and ultimately creating their own collaborative learning activity using technology.

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Unit Objective

Students will be able to reflect on other lesson plans through the discussion space provided by Google Groups, and use that information to modify their own lesson plan if necessary.

Article on the Importance of Reflecting

Read the following article that describes the importance of the reflecting process: Reflections on Teaching: Meaningful Scribbles

Reflecting and Commenting on Other Lessons

1. Click on the link to go to the discussion page [Unit 4 Lesson Reflections]. Please comment on the lessons you have viewed identifying what you liked about the lesson design, and suggestions you would give to improve the lesson. In the subject line, state the name of the designer and topic of the lesson you are commenting on.

2. Read the comments made on your lesson and think about how you could modify your lesson based on the information you received.

*To start a new post, simply click on the red button titled "New Topic" in the upper left hand corner and begin typing.*

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