Unit 4: Consequence Strategy: Positive Language


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Learning Objectives


  • Participants have access to the Internet.
  • Participants have reviewed and completed all content and components of Unit 1, Unit 2, and Unit 3.


  • Participants will review, evaluate, and analyze the unit mini-lecture based on their current and background knowledge.
  • The participants will read a scenario and be able to describe how they can implement the consequence behavioral strategy, positive language.
  • Participants will reflect on how they could implement and improve their practices by applying positive language as a Basic Behavioral Component.
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Content Lesson

Language that is positive.png

Unit Video(s)

  • Please watch the unit videos that discuss positive language. These are videos that explain and describe the C-component of the A-B-C Model, consequence specifically positive language. While watching the video please think about how you can implement this model into your classroom or how you have previously in your classroom. After watching the videos please write one or more Padlet discussing one thing you learned from the video and why it was meaningful to you.

Links to videos:

  • Positive Langauge Matters! [1]
  • Teacher Language - Reinforcing Language Excerpts [2]
  • TEDx Talks: Microcorrections: the Power of Positive Language [3]

Reaction Padlet Link:

  • Unit 4 Content Reaction [4]

Unit Activities

Please implement the consequence strategy, a positive language with your class or one specific student. Please audio record yourself implementing it with the class. This can take place multiple times throughout the day, for example, at centers, via zoom, individual conversation with a student, or in a whole-class lesson. Please remember to not state any student's name in the submission, especially last names. Submit the audio recording into a google document along with a reflection on what went well with implementing this strategy and what did not. If the consequence strategy, the positive language was not successful, why do you think this is, does it have potential in the future to be successful with your students?

Unit Reflective Journal

At the end of the unit, you will complete a reflection journal. In each journal reflection you will be expected to reflect on the questions:

1. What were your challenges throughout the lesson?

2. How can you apply what you learned in this lesson to your life (past, present, or future)?

3. What are you still curious or confused about?

Please write your reflection journal in a Google document and share it with me, the same document will be used throughout the entire course. You may design it however you would like, with the exception that you can clearly visualize a separation between each unit reflection journal.