Unit 4- The MOON Project


Unit 4

Evaluating student progress with the MOON Project

Learners will be able to evaluate student performance in The MOON Project.


- Readings- Teacher Answer Key for The Moon Project.

- Final Reflection: Student performance on the MOON Project.


This is the final unit of the mini-course. This unit will help you the instructor to evaluate your students’ performances on the MOON project. As you progress through the lesson plans outlined from Unit 3’s reflection assignment, as well as the unit plan, it is important to make sure you are evaluating student performance. This assessment process is continual throughout the project, with a final evaluation of what students have learned in the project. The instructor uses the Teacher Answer Key to evaluate students’ identification of the phases of the moon, as well as answering the reflection questions associated with it. The teacher uses the Moon Patterns answer key to check if students have correctly identified the moon phases, based off of student drawings. The students also write their own explanations behind the changing phases. The teacher uses both the Teacher Guide as well as the answer key to assist in the continual formative assessment as well as for final assessments.


Teacher Answer Key for the MOON Project

Teacher Handbook

Final Reflection:

For the final reflection assignment, use the Teacher Answer Key to evaluate student performance (if you are actually doing the project with your students), and write down how the students have been meeting the objectives of the lesson plans you have set up in conjunction with the unit plan. If you do not have a class of your own, then use the lesson plans and unit plans constructed and reflect on how the objectives and lesson plans would be assessed using the teacher answer key. What types of activities/assessments will the students do? Do you think this will be effective in evaluating student progress? Would you consider this project to be effective to teaching astronomy in your class? Why or why not?


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Unit 4- Evaluating Student Progress with The MOON Project