Unit 1- The MOON Project


Unit 1

What is the MOON Project?
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The learners will be able to browse the MOON project website and identify its educational goals.

Browse the MOON Project Website.
Reflect on how it will be used in class.

What is the MOON Project?

Some teachers may struggle to teach complex scientific concepts in astronomy to younger students. MOON is an acronym for “More Observation Of Nature,” where students chronicle their observations and write essays about the moon’s phases. The World MOON project provides a project-based learning environment for students to interact with other students around the world, gather observations of the Moon’s phases, and compare it with both students in class as well as students outside of class. Short essays based on student observations are gathered, and participants are given essays from other places in the world for students to gain both a local and global experience.

In this first unit, you will familiarize yourself with the MOON project website, as well as the teacher handbook.

Go to the website for the World MOON project here:


Browse the components of the website, including the following sections:

  • Overview
  • How the Project Works
  • Teacher Guide
  • Student Guide
  • Planning Calendar
  • Phase Calendar

Write a journal reflection on how to use the World MOON project in your class. Outline the phases of the MOON project and design a unit plan integrating the MOON project into your lessons. Think about the goals and objectives each phase the project satisfies. How do you feel this lesson will help you to teach the phases of the moon? How do you feel this will help your students to be engaged in learning about science?

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The MOON Project- Homepage

Unit 1- What is the MOON Project

Unit 2- Collaborative and Project Based Learning

Unit 3- Using the MOON Project in the Classroom

Unit 4- Evaluating Student Progress with The MOON Project