Unit 3: The North and the South View of Slavery

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As you grow older and into adulthood, you will begin to realize that people have different beliefs than your own. Sometimes these beliefs will be so different from your own in might bring you into conflict with someone. One of the most difficult thing for students to understand is that people had very different views on slavery. There were very well educated and famous people in both the south and north who believed that slavery was a good thing for the country.

Unit 3 Objectives

  • Demonstrate ability to understand differences between facts and opinions.
  • Demonstrate ability ability to understand journal entries and editorials
  • Create a letter to the editor using evidence from then entire course in support of either abolition or slavery.

Lesson 1: Final Project

For this project you will write a short letter to the editor explaining your view of the issue of slavery during the 19th century. You will be writing this letter as if you were living during this time. Defend your view of slavery using facts that were discussed in this course. You will also have to use the proper format, spelling and grammar when writing your letter.Feel free to also use the resources page to get more information for your project or to learn more about slavery in America.

Slavery Letter Rubric

Lesson 2: Reflection

Now that you have completed this course it is time to reflect on what you have learned. After working with the documents, maps video and completing your editorial you now should have a decent understanding about why slavery existed in America, some of the opinions people had about it and how the country’s leaders attempted to avoid conflict over slavery. To do this you will write a one page journal entry about what you have learned. Think about the following questions when writing your response.

  • What new things did you learn about slavery or American history in this course?
  • How did this unit change what you thought about slavery before this course?
  • Do you think the Civil War could have been prevented or was it inevitable?

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