Unit 2: Understanding Your Students


Learning Outcomes:

1. At the end of the unit, the learner will be able to identify one Habit that their student population is lacking.(Perquisite)

2. At the end of the unit, the learner will be able to implement a strategy or activity based on the need selected.

3. At the end of the unit, the learner will be able to reflect on the success and benefit of of the activity.

Assignment #1:

Read the following research article: http://digitalcommons.unl.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1011&context=mathmidsummative

Focus on the following questions:

"What are the major findings of the research?"

"What questions are still left unanswered?"

"What personal connections do you have to the research?"

Create a PowerPoint that explains the major findings of the research study. On the last slide of your PowerPoint, identify an Habit of Mind that you feel your current student population is lacking. Explain why this habit needs to be addressed. Share your PowerPoint with at least 2 people in the class. (Your classmates should reflect on your personal connection with a comment or suggestion).

Assignment #2: Read through the presentation: Implementing the Habits of Mind In Your Classroom. http://www.thinkingandlearninginconcert.org/presentations/presentationdocuments/2007yarrambatps_2.pdf

Focus on the following questions:

"What are some strategies that you currently use?"

"What are some strategies you would like to use in your own teaching?"

"What, if any, are strategies that you disagree with and why?"

Based on the presentation, identify a strategy or activity that you will use in your classroom. Create an action plan using the template below.

Habit of Mind
Activity Strategy (word, phrase, etc.)

Be sure to note the frequency that you will implement the activity or strategy. (It should be implemented at least 2 times in one week.)

Assignment #3:

After implementing your activity, write a reflection in the discussion tab of the page. You should reflect on the following questions:

"What was my level of success in implementing the activity?"

"What were some benefit of the activity with my population of students?"

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