Unit 2: Mentor Texts


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Now that we've laid the groundwork for a genre-based approach to writing, how do we turn theory into action?

Think back to a time that you had to write something very specific for the first time (like a grant application), or maybe something that you only have to write once in a blue (like a cover letter or admission essay). Where did you begin? Lots of people start on Google looking for an example. In this unit, you will apply that same concept on a larger scale, considering how the texts we use to teach students can also function as a model

Materials and Resources

  • While you won't actively begin working on your unit plan yet, it's good to have it (or your outline) in front of you for reflection
  • Digital Bulletin Board powered by Padlet [1]


2.1: Defining Mentor Text

2.2: Evaluating Mentor Texts