Unit 2: How to make a good book choice for read alouds?

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Learning Objectives

  • Participants will be able to list the characteristics of a good book choice for read alouds (remember-->analyze)

Book Choice Introduction

There are many aspects of books that need to be considered when choosing the best book for your read aloud lesson. Researchers suggest when selecting a book that will be beneficial during read alouds, teachers must consider lexile level, length, authenticity while also considering the class community’s demographics, literacy skills and attention span (McCaffrey & Hisrich, 2017, p. 98). Teachers need to not only consider the effectiveness of the books for literacy instruction, but make sure it engages the learners. Students need to be exposed to multiple types of genres and multiple types of content areas within read alouds. This allows time for more read alouds to be implemented throughout the day because teachers are addressing other content areas, besides just literacy, for their students to participate in. Johnston (2016) explains, “Books chosen for read-alouds should be ones that are engaging, well written, and contain appealing plots, and they must expose students to a variety of genres and diversity of characters” (p. 41). Teachers should be reading their books multiple times before presenting both the book and the lesson to the class because reading a text multiple times can bring forth new information that may be worth discussing with the class. If a main focus for a read aloud lesson is to work on learning vocabulary, it is important to look for books where students will come in contact with those vocabulary words and there is room for deeper thinking around those words. Not only is it important to look at the language and plot throughout the book, but how the illustrations are portrayed as well. Researchers state, “In a quality picture book, illustrations play just as important part as the text in telling the story” (McCaffrey & Hisrich, 2017, p. 99). When looking for ways to help students retain information easier, using books that have equally as effective language and illustrations can help.

Book Choice Article

This article introduces readers to some key elements of good book choice and includes multiple different ideas of picture books that can be incorporated into early childhood read aloud lessons. As you read, think about if you have ever looked for these elements when choosing a read aloud book or used the books described in the article.

Oodlu Activity

Please play this short "Good Book Choice" true/false game on Oodlu. Follow the steps below to get to the game:

  1. Click on this link ( https://oodlu.org/home )
  2. Create a student account
  3. Where it says "Enter Group Code" use the code "3015" to enter the game.
  4. Play the game choosing whichever theme you would like to use!

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