Unit 2: Exploring Podcasting


"Aim: How can Podcasting benefit our own classroom practices?"


1. Participants Will Be Able To: Assess how they use technology in their daily classroom practices.

2. Participants Will Be Able To: Watch an original video tutorial to learn how Podcasts may be developed.

3. Participants Will Be Able To: Explain why Podcasting may be a valuable tool for their own classroom approaches.


Please listen to the audio clip below and write down how using this podcasting strategy may improve your teaching.



1. Open the Inspiration Software program downloaded in Unit 1.

2. Develop an original mind-map web expressing how you use technology in the classroom. In the central circle of your web write, "How I Use Technology in My Classroom".

3. Draw branches out from the central circle and list three ways that you use technology.

4. What can comes to mind when you hear the term "Podcast"?

5. The roots of the term "Podcast" connect to the handheld MP-3 device known as an IPod and its ability access information which has been broadcasted.

6. Going beyond its ability to open our ears to music, the IPod and other MP-3 devices also allow us to download other audible pieces for our listening pleasure. Many students and teachers are happy to find out that they may download and listen to famous poetry as well as their own original writing.

7. By allowing us to "Publish" our own original work and listen to the work of our peers, Podcasting has added a creative and technologically-driven approach to traditional learning assignments.

8. Please download and complete the "Step-by-Step Podcasting Tutorial" developed from the following website http://stepanianm.tripod.com/podcasting.html [1]. This particular Podcast assignment focused on the Ninth Grade Global History and Geography curriculum. Students were asked to take historical facts learned about the Bubonic Plague or Black Death and develop original poetry.


Laptop Computer


Inspiration Software Program

Audacity Software Program

External Microphone


The eternal question has always been, "When am I ever going to use this?"

List three ways you may use Podcasting in your own classroom practices.

In one paragraph of 6-8 sentences please answer the following question, "How may your students feel toward this learning strategy? Why?"

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