Unit 3: Developing Our Own Podcasts


"Aim: How can we develop our own Podcasts?"


1. Participants Will Be Able To: Develop their own Podcasts.

2. Participants Will Be Able To: Evaluate the work of their peers using an original rubric.


1. Taking your own content area into consideration, what may be one way that you may use the Podcasting strategy with your students?

2. Using the step-by-step guide from Unit 2, we will create our own accounts of http://www.podbean.com [1].

3. Using the Audacity Software Program downloaded in Unit 2 and an external microphone, we will record our own Podcasts.

4. Original Podcasts will be published on http://www.podbean.com [2].

5. An original rubric to grade the Podcasts will be created.

6. Using the original rubric, we will grade our own Podcasts.


Laptop Computer


External Microphone

Audacity Software Program


Develop an original lesson plan within your own content area using the Podcasting strategy.



You have successfully completed the Podcasting Curriculum.

Should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me at MStepanian@schools.nyc.gov.

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