Unit 2-For Students: Lesson 1


Lesson 1


In your student guide, reflect on the following:

What are your initial thoughts about “group work”?

Does the work fall on just a few of the members?

Are there lots of conflicts when working a group?

  • It becomes very important when working in a group to be proactive and know how to solve conflicts in a positive manner.

Lesson 1 Objective

By the end of this lesson, you will be able to demonstrate group problem-solving skills by:

  • Adopting strategies for managing disagreements and conflicts
  • Discriminating between facts, evidence, and opinion
  • Generating purpose for the group
  • Generates reasonable group goal(s)
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses of the group

Enter into Lesson 1- How do I solve problems that come up in my group effectively?

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Lesson 1- Reflection

In the provided section of your student guide, reflect on what you’ve learned about yourself as a group member. What is going to be difficult? What do you feel most confident doing as a part of a group?

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