Unit 2: Lesson 1- Activity 1

  • Given the task of learning essential conflict resolution strategies and distinguishing strengths and weaknesses within your group, your group should utilize the following procedure to establish your purpose and goals: (You’ll need to select one person to be the facilitator and one to be the recorder)

1. A specific task is given to the group, i.e. "think of all possible goals for our group."

2. The facilitator encourages members to think of as many ideas as possible individually and then share them with the rest of the group.

3. Criticism of any ideas and statements of judgment are not permitted.

4. Expanding on the ideas of others is encouraged.

5. The recorder should have all ideas written down, emphasizing that once the ideas are recorded they become group property and the originator has no need to feel ownership or feel the need to support their own idea.

6. The group examines the list and selects the most appropriate suggestions. This may be done by group consensus or by voting.

  • You’ll want to have one purpose and 2-3 goals by the end of your deliberating.
  • How did your first group experience go? What was different about this experience compared to others so far? Did the procedure help or hinder your group? Explain in the discussion section. Talk: First group brainstorm session reflection

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