Unit 2-For Students: Lesson 2


Lesson 2


“That’s a great idea.” When hearing this statement, would you consider it a positive or negative comment? What if you found out it was said with some sarcasm?

Have you ever played the game “Telephone”? When a verbal message starts at the beginning of a line of people and it is completely altered by the time it reaches the last person.

A lot can go wrong when considering communication.

When you are working as a part of a group, having good communication skills is critical to being successful. You all need to be expressing yourselves clearly in order to prevent conflicts, offer constructive criticism, share ideas, and establish common vision (goals).

Lesson Objective

By the end of this lesson, you’ll be able to adopt strategies for effective communication and adopt shared leadership roles.

Enter into Lesson 2- How do I become a clear communicator?