Unit 1: Importance of Technology Usage



"Aim: To what extent is technology usage an essential element of American society?"


1. Participants Will Be Able To: Explore the significance of technology usage among the American population by taking an interactive quiz.

2. Participants Will Be Able To: Discuss the signficance of technology usage and how it may produce greater results when implemented in the classroom.


Please listen to the audio clip below and write down three words that come to mind in terms of techology integration in Social Studies.



1. At the present time, technology integration and implementation has grown in popularity within the academic arena. Students and teachers alike long to study new forms of technology and learn how they may be integrated on a more daily basis.

2. Within this unit, we will be focusing on the extent at which the American population is "technological dependent".

3. At this point, we will be downloading a free trial of the Inspiration Software Program from the following website http://www.inspiration.com/ [1].

4. Using Inspiration, we will create original mind-map webs. Draw a circle in the middle of your screen and insert the word "Technology".

5. Branching off from the central circle, list three terms that come to mind when YOU hear the word "Technology".

6. Insert a textbox underneath your web and complete the following sentence, "When it comes to use of technology in the classroom I..."

7. As many of us feel pressured to simply finish our curriculum, we forget how important technology integration is in our own society.

8. Please visit my original website at http://stepanianm.tripod.com/podcasting.html [2] to download and take the "Importance of Technology Usage in Our Daily Lives Challenge" interactive quiz.

9. Complete the Discussion Questions at the end of the Quiz.

10. What has this quiz helped us to learn?

11. In one paragraph of 6-8 sentences please answer the following question, "How may technology integration help to improve student performance?"


Laptop Computers


Inspiration Software Program


Students will develop an original "Lightning Card". They will write down one new fact they have learned, one opinion they now have, and one question they have as a result of this unit.

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