Understanding the Bullying Cycle

At the end of this module, you will:

  • Identify characteristics of the bully, victim and bystander
  • State how the effects bullying has on the community
  • Demonstrate you know how to interact with the parties involved in the bullying cycle to stop an incident of bullying

The Bullying Cycle

Almost 30% of US youth (ages 2-17) reported being part of bullying. Either the bully, the victim or the bystander. This is approximately 5.7 million youth.

The bullying cycle was developed by Dan Olweus, a psyhologist from Norway. His research and bullying prevention are world renowned.

In order for the bullying cycle to take place there needs to be three individuals or groups of people invovled: the bully, the victim and the bystander. Each plays a distinct role in the cycle that ultimately impacts the victim of bullying. In fact the bullying cycle are the various ways in which people react or participate in a bullying situation. Here is what the bullying cycle looks like:


Pencilcp.pngDiscussion Point

In the discussion area discuss the following questions prior to learning more about the bully, the victim and the bystander. Who do you think plays the biggest role in the bullying cycle? Who makes the biggest impact on the community?

To better understand the bullying cycle we must understand the actions and roles of those involved.

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