Module 1 Case Study

Communicating with those in the bullying cycle

Review the following information on communicating with children. The way you comomunicate with the children involved in the bullying cycle plays a signifigant part in ending the cycle.

Geoffrey Canada on communicating

Stan Davis on communicating

Pencilcp.pngDiscussion Activity

Although we have not fully examined anit-bullying tactics, we have learned about the bullying cycle and those invovled. Watch the following bullying scenario.

Bullying Scenario

In the discussion section answer the following questions:

  • Identify who the bully, victim and bystander are?
  • How would you address the bully, victims and bystanders?
  • What specifically would you say to them?
  • Pretend you are the colleague the teacher has turned to for help, what advice do you have for him in this situation?

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