The Bully

According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, 15-25% of children face the undeserved aggressive acts of a bully.

Characteristics of a Bully

The bully is where the bullying cycle begins. According to Barbara Coloroso bullying is the conscious, willful and deliberate hostile activity intended to harm, induce fear through the threat of further aggression and create terror. There are many characteristics of bullies but below you'll find some of the common characteristics experts agree upon.


Bullies exhibit many characteristics. Watch this short video from Dr. Thomas Lickona. Dr.Lickona is a developmental psychologist and Professor of Education at the State University of New York at Cortland. He has done award-winning work in teacher education and currently directs the Center for the Fourth and Fifth “R’s” (Respect and Responsibility). He is also considered a national expert on Character Education.

Characteristics of a bully video


As Barbara Coloroso stated a bully is someone who exhibits an imbalance of power. To explain this idea watch this video from Dr. Lickona and Stan Davis. Stan Davis is a social worker and school counselor who devotes his energies toward helping schools, nationwide, prevent bullying.

Power video

Pencilcp.png You've just heard and read some characteristics of bullies. While bullies exhibit diffierent charateristics there are certainly commonalities among bullies. Download and start filling in the chart below. Use it throught this mini course to create a comprehensive list of characteristics of those involved in the cycle of bullying. Continue update as you acquire new knowledge.

Characteristics chart

Why do children bully?

To learn more about the characteristics of a bully, we must understand why they bully. Watch the video of Dr. Lickona explainging why a child bullies.

Why a child bullies

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