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Instructor comments on your units -- Jz833665 17:42, 6 December 2010 (EST)

Hi Colleen,

Because you did not add/link your course title to the class homepage (after your name), neither I nor your group members have seen your draft units and provided feedback. I've just reviewed what you've created. Fortunately your mini-course is in a good shape; although a few refinements could make this course more solid and easier to navigate. Do you want to make the following changes before I grade it:

1) Add a link in the end of each unit to the next unit to ease navigation. 2) Your text on wiki and podcast reads too simple to be helpful enough for the participants. You may not have time to create new text; consider adding links to the mini-courses on these two topics. You will find them by searching in index by subject. 3) The articles you provided require UAlbany ID to access; download them and and upload a pdf here instead; provide a brief summary for each article so the participants know what they will read.

Please email me soon whether you want to make these changes.