Teaching Themed History

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Themes in History: An Organizational Approach

Course Description

This course is designed to offer a new organizational approach to teaching social studies. Teachers, course designers, curriculum developers, and academic administrators would take interest in this approach as a way to scaffold students' learning to higher levels of thinking.
The idea is to integrate, where appropriate, the use of themes in history. A theme in history is any element that connects one event to another. It can be any number of commonalties like similar situations, decisions that were made, changes in systems. Many state curriculums identify parts of the curriculum as having ties to certain themes of history. The themes noted in these curriculums include geography, trade, conflict, government, economics, etc.. The themed approach takes these existing subdivisions within history programs and extends their purpose from identifying parts of a curriculum to organizing the instructional schedule of teachers.
The approach to teaching history and the social studies is an alternative approach that can yield higher cognitive thinking processes when the topic or topics have an applicable theme. This course explains the approach, describes its use, and instills the wisdom needed to implement it properly.

Learner Profile

This mini-course is designed for teachers, course designers, curriculum developers, and academic administrators of social studies courses at the secondary and/or higher learning levels. After taking this course, learners will be able to identify various themes in social studies curriculums, use these themes to generate goals for their students, and implement the theme approach where appropriate in their instructional schedules.

This mini-course will prepare the aforementioned educational professionals to prepare practical implementation of the Themed Approach to Teaching History by defining what themes in history really are, why this is a valuable for teaches and students, and how to go about generating and organizing content material used in the approach.

Learners will find that themes in history are already defined in curriculums and perhaps used by teachers in other ways. Learners will then realize that manipulating the organization of themes in history can set students up for success from the start of instruction. Learners will also be able to generate goals for their students based on themes and become wise and confident in implementing the themed approach.


Students will be able to...

  • Use generative topic themes, such as the themes noted in most state curriculums, to create their instructional goals.
  • Link topics of instruction together by identifying common themes between them.
  • Become comfortable and wise in using the theme approach by delineating when and when not to apply it and using it for supplemental instructions.

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