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ETAP 623 Spring 2011

Intent of Project

Essential Guide to Online Teaching

The intent of this course is to show online instructors to effectively understand the process of learning and and provide guidance for teaching online activities in secondary education

Topics that will be covered:

  • Purpose and benefits of online teaching guide
  • Identifying online learning and teaching process
  • How Community of inquiry model can help to facilitate online learning
  • How teaching tips can be done by hand
  • Applying teaching tips to instruction

Needs Analysis

1. Problem: Teaching online is different from teaching in the classroom as it requires a different type of facilitation. Here you will find ideas for managing the online classroom, communication tips, techniques for discussion. Teachers need a slightly different approach in online teaching. This course is guidance for teaching online activities in secondary education. An instructor’s active guidance is closely related to a student’s learning outcome, teaching tips help give teachers the opportunity to understand the process of learning. Therefore, teachers need to identify the tips and techniques in order to give each student the best possible education. This course will help teachers find ways to facilitate online communication and discussion.

2. What is to be learned: Learners will become familiar with ways to effectively manage online class. This course can assist teachers in knowing, how to manage online class, how to give feedback, and how to manage discussion board effectively.

3. The Learners: The learners will be online teachers of middle school, that need knowledge in how to begin online instruction. Middle school teacher today need to prepare online teaching. If teachers know what skills online instructor has mastered and needs to practice, they can provide the necessary instruction and possibly increase student's learning outcomes.

4. Instructional Context: Most activities in this course will occur online and by the individual. Community of Inquiry model can be be covered so learners can choose which works best for their teaching situation.

5. Exploring the problem and solution: Learners will have a chance to learn, practice, and reflect on course activities. Learners will explore why teaching guide is an important step to differentiating online instruction and how it can work for their classrooms.

6. Goals: For teachers to learn more about the nature of online learning to offer the best possible education to them and for teachers to feel comfortable employing new ways of looking at online discussion.

Performance Objectives

  • Learners will be able to understand the learning community and its relationship to discourse in the online environment.
  • Learners will be able to identify design principles, strategies, and best practices to consider in the development of communication in online discourse.
  • Learners will be able to design and choose to use appropriate strategies in accordance with online teaching guide.

Task Analysis

Course Purpose

The purpose of this course is to help teachers feel more confident in their ability to manage online class, facilitate discussion in order to provide better differentiated instruction.

Learning Outcomes

  • At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to:
    • State the meaning of online learning community
    • Identify the process of online learning
    • Explain how teaching tips can be useful for online instruction
    • Making class management plan by hand
    • State examples of online teaching tips that can be used in facilitate online discussion
    • Understand the benefits of effective feedback

Prerequisite Skills

Essential Prerequisites

  • In order to reach outcomes, students must know/learn to:
    • Understand the nature of online learning
    • Determine the learning problem and purpose for teaching guild
    • Understand how to use online teaching tips
    • Apply results of guide to online teaching to online classroom instruction

Supportive Prerequisites

  • For easier access to reaching outcomes, students should:
    • Be open to learning about and using online discussion strategy and teaching tip
    • Understand the purposes of teaching guide
    • Be open to the experience of online teaching and learning
    • Be open to discussing ideas with others
    • Be open to self-reflection

Curriculum Map

Take a look at the curriculum map for this course Media: Essential Guide to Online Teaching.pdf


1. Participation in online discussion :30%

2. Response question : 10%

3. Reflection : 10%

4. Class Management Plan : 50%

Resources and References

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