Read Well


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1. Introduction

Welcome to Read Well. I am excited to offer an online mini-training on a reading program that is very beneficial to so many students.

"Read Well is a comprehensive K–3 reading and language arts solution that helps students build the critical skills needed to be successful readers and learners. The research-based program allows teachers to effectively target students at all stages of development. Through a flexible approach of whole-class instruction, differentiated small-group instruction, and individual student practice, teachers are able to meet the needs of their students at their skill levels and adapt instruction accordingly." (

2. Course Overview

At the end of the course the learner will be able to:

--Have an overview of the Read Well program. This will allow the potential learners to understand what Read Well is and how to use it in their classroom or small RTI group.

--Design a potential plan on how to use Read Well in your classroom.

--Learn how Read Well ties to the Common Core Standards using the whole group, small group and independent stations for the Read Well program.


           * Identify all the areas (parts) of Read Well.
           * Proper implentation of a Read Well lesson.
           * Assess students for proper placement in Read Well Unit.
           * Analyze data from Read Well assessments for growth.
           * Connect Common Core Learning Standards to Read Well lessons.

3. Unit 1

= 1 Lesson One: Major components of Read Well

Lesson one

2 Lesson Two: Determining a student's starting point

Lesson Two Read Well

4. Unit 2

1 Lesson Three: Designing a Read Well lesson incorporating the Common Core Learning Standards

Lesson Three Read Well