Project-Based Learning with Inquiry and Growth Mindset


Chelsea Connelly

This course aims to help educators implement projects for learning that allow students space to use inquiry and trial where mistakes are expected and establishing a culture and system that treats mistakes as learning opportunities to improve students' understanding and success. These 3 popular educational theories can mutually support one another if integrated well.

Learning Outcomes

Learners will be able to:

  • Explain the meanings of PBL, inquiry learning, and growth mindset
  • Describe essential and beneficial elements of project-based learning
  • Utilize project-based learning in lessons effectively
  • Enhance their use of PBL with inquiry and Growth Mindset

Lesson 1: What is PBL, Inquiry Learning and Growth Mindset


  • Learners will identify the benefits and challenges of PBL
  • Learners will describe how inquiry and growth mindset can enhance PBL.

Lesson 2: Strategies and structures for PBL


  • Learners will know the Gold Standard Essential Elements for PBL
  • Learners will practice recognizing and incorporating the essential elements.

Lesson 3: Integrating inquiry and growth mindset


  • Learners will identify and suggest strategies to support inquiry and Growth Mindset.
  • Learners will analyze how to manage inquiry tasks within a PBL environment.

Lesson 4: Creating your own PBL lesson


  • Learners will create lesson plans that incorporate PBL.
  • Learners will create lesson materials to provide guidance through projects and encourage a Growth Mindset