Lesson 1: What is PBL, Inquiry Learning and Growth Mindset


Warm-up Activity-Your Student Experience with Projects

Before reading on, complete this survey about your memory of project work as a learner

The idea behind Project-Based Learning is we should expect most of the answers to this survey to be YES. PBL aims to teach (not assess) students in a more memorable and meaningful way. Explore the answers from others of examples of the most impactful projects they have done.

Learn about Project-Based Learning (PBL)

Please go here and register to get the Free Guide to PBL. Then read Chapter 1.

For additional information you might like to watch these videos

Project Based Learning: Why, How, and Examples

Project Based Learning: Explained

Practice/Assessment-Recognizing PBL

Complete this mini-quiz on recognizing good use of PBL.

Learn about Inquiry Learning

Read this post on inquiry

This site has several other interesting articles you may like to read as well

Putting Students in Charge of Their Learning Journey

Using Scientific Pedagogy to Teach History

Inquiry-Based Tasks in Social Studies

This course aims to help use these two methods together and enhance PBL by further supporting student inquiry. As you read, they have a lot in common, but don’t always come hand-in-hand. The Buck Institute include “Sustained inquiry” as part of its Gold Standard for PBL for good reason. Integrating the two can make for even more meaningful learning.

Learn about Growth Mindset (I sometimes will refer to it as GM)

Watch this video on Growth Mindset

I have brought these topics together because inquiry often means students will fail or make mistakes and without establishing a good culture for learning, this can be a major hindrance to a student’s motivation and attitude. Cultivating a Growth Mindset is beneficial in many ways, but also helps students to better deal with the frustrations that can arise when doing inquiry.


Post in the discussion tab your answers to the questions below. Explore answers left by previous students and build on their posts with your own reactions and thoughts.

  • What are the benefits and expected challenges of PBL?
  • How do you think inquiry, growth mindset and PBL support each other to enhance the impact of all three?


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