Lesson 2: Strategies and structures for PBL


Warm-up Activity-Lesson Elements

To start this lesson, try to think of what you consider the essential elements of a highly effective lesson or unit of lessons.

Go here to menti.com and enter the code 641815. Your answers must be 1 word, but if there are 2 or 3 word phrases you may put a "-" between them to make it 1 word (i.e. Essential-questions).

After you submit your answers please select "SEE VOTING RESULTS" and enter your email. It will then send you a word cloud made from the answers of all students to have completed this course.

Mentimeter see results.png

Now try to think of what you believe are the essential elements of a highly effective PROJECT-BASED lesson or unit of lessons. You certainly may have some of the same answers, but also consider the unique elements of teaching with projects.

Go once again to menti.com and enter the code 501288. Repeat the same process as before to answer the question and get the results emailed to you.

Think about your own answers and compare the 2 word clouds compiled by the answers of past learners. Project-based lessons are going to have unique requirements and structures that make them different and sometimes more difficult to teach, but the results speak for themselves. Most teachers have a template that they write lesson plans on, but those might not be structured for PBL best practices. To use PBL that go to template, might need some revamping.

In this lesson you will learn about the structures of the PBL process through the Bucks Institute's Gold Standard PBL.

Learn about Buck's Gold Standard PBl

Please read this article from Buck Institute on their Gold Standard for PBL Essential Elements. You will need to make an account.

Watch this video about the process of Gold Standard PBL. Note that this video uses the older version from BIE, but much of the same ideas are there.

Want to display/embed a youtube video inside your page? Use this tag:

Practice/assessment-Recognizing the Essential Elements

Review this webpage that summarizes the Gold Standard and then scroll to the bottom for videos of the process in action. Select 1 video that most interests you. You can certainly watch more if you want to though.

Go to this google drive and make your own copy of "*1 Lesson evaluation original" then answer the questions about the video you chose.

Read what others have done as well. I encourage you to leave comments about things that interested you or ideas sparked.

Create-Write a PBL lesson

Go to the BIE project idea library and select a project. Go to this google drive and make a copy of the document "*1 Lesson Plan template starter".

Complete the document by planning how you would incorporate each essential element into the project idea.

I encourage you again to review and comment on other students' work.


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