Progress Monitoring: Mini- Course


Progress Monitoring in the Classroom


Hello everyone and welcome! The intent of this course is to show teachers how to use progress monitoring to determine appropriate response methods for their future lessons, activities and assessments. Progress monitoring, based on written observation gathered by the teacher, can aid in developing effective strategies that will assist students in academic success.

Topics to be covered:

  • What is progress monitoring?
  • How to create an effective progress monitoring sheet.
  • How to use progress monitoring sheets in the classroom.

Performance Objectives

-Students will be able to define progress monitoring accurately.

-Students will be able to create progress monitoring sheets that matches their cohort of students.

-Students will submit a proposal on how they will utilize their progress monitoring sheet in the classroom.

Course Units

Unit 1

Lesson 1 : Introduction to progress monitoring

Lesson 2 : Progress monitoring in the classroom

Unit 2

Lesson 1: How to create progress monitoring sheets

Unit 3

Lesson 1: Creating progress monitoring sheets