Problem-based Learning in Math through Technology


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This mini-course is designed to facilitate secondary math instructors in using problem-based learning integrated with technology in their classrooms. This course informs, offers ideas for activities, provides opportunities for guided practice, and prepares instructors to implement a technology based PBL type of learning in their mathematics classrooms. This mini-course is broken down into three units. The first unit is a background about problem based learning and why it is beneficial and how it can be used in a math classroom. The second unit focuses on developing teaching to incorporate technology in their math classroom. The third unit specifically encourages instructors to plan and implement technology in problem-based learning activities in mathematics classrooms.


  • Understand the PBL in mathematics through examining examples, strategies, and creating activities
  • Examine and learn about various technology tools that can be used in a mathematics classroom
  • Demonstrate an understanding of incorporating technology in math specific problem-based learning through activities


(Unit 1) What is problem-based learning?

Target Objectives:

  • State what problem-based learning is and why it is beneficial for mathematics students
  • State what PBL looks like in a mathematics classroom
  • Examine and create strategies for problem-based learning in a mathematics classroom

(Unit 2) How do you integrate technology in math?

Target Objectives:

  • Understand the basics of technology and how it can be used in a math classroom
  • Examine various math supported technology tools and methods
  • Generate reasons for technology in mathematics and state ways technology can be used in a math classroom

(Unit 3) Combining the two, activities/planning

Target Objectives:

  • Develop an understanding of how integrating technology can benefit math related problem-based learning activities
  • Create math specific problem-based activities that use technology tools in the classroom