Nicole Miller's Mini Course: Reinforcing Effort and Providing Recognition

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Reinforcing Effort and Providing Recognition

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This mini course is based on Marzano's third instructional strategy for effective teaching and learning, Reinforcing Effort and Providing Recognition. To begin our journey, the linked video serves as an overview of all of Marzanos 9 strategies. Click to watch this introductory video: Introduction Marzano's Nine Strategies for Effective Instruction


Read the following linked article about Marzano's strategy of Reinforcing Effort and Providing Recognition provided by Sustaining Outstanding Schools: SOS. This article provides a brief overview of the importance, pitfalls, steps to take, and classroom implementation for this high-yield instructional strategy.

Click here to access Sustaining Outstanding Schools's article:

What will learners get from this course?

Students do not always realize the importance of effort. Instructors can aid in student growth by exposing them to the relationship between effort and achievement. By reinforcing this connection, students will come to realize that effort can be followed by great success. Recognition can be an effective tool in bolstering student effort.


Bullet blue.pngLearn about the importance of effort and approaches to encourage student perseverance

Bullet blue.pngLearn strategies for authentic recognition and how to apply them

Bullet blue.pngProvide students with strategies to track effort and analyze progress


The purpose of this course is to educate on Marzano's third instructional strategy for effective teaching and learning: Reinforcing Effort and Providing Recognition.

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Lesson 1: Why is effort important?

Lesson Objective: Why is effort important?

Your task is to learn about how student effort affects student attitude and achievement.

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Lesson 2: How can recognition increase student growth?

Lesson Objective: How can educators provide effective feedback?

Your task is to learn strategies for providing successful student feedback.

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Lesson 3: How does implementing Marzano's third instructional strategy affect student learning?

Lesson Objective: How does implementing student effort and providing feedback affect student learning?

Your task is to track achievement when implementing Marzano's Third Instructional Strategy: Reinforcing Effort and Providing Feedback.

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Lesson 4: What were the results of providing student recognition and reinforcing effort?

Lesson Objective: What were the results of implementing effort and feedback techniques into your instruction?

Your task is to reflect on your reinforcement techniques, student engagement, and student achievement.

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Post Evaluation

Your task is to complete a post-test that shows your understanding of this mini-course.


Ozar, L. and Boyle, M. (2008, Sept.) Sustaining Outstanding Schools: SOS. More on Marzano's Strategies: Reinforcing effort and providing recognition. Retrieved from


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