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I am going to be systematically trying every feature I can find on this page so expect chaos.
If you want to jump right to my portfolio, here is an Internal Link - now I just have to figure out how to create the page it links to...Maria Urquidi's Portfolio


I am in the CDIT program because I am fascinated by the way people learn. For example, I "learn by doing" so I am enjoying exploring a new medium and am hoping to make "excellent mistakes". (Thank you, Daniel Pink and "The Adventures of Johnny Bunko") I also learn best with Pandora set to an instrumental station.



This is being created as part of ETAP_623_Spring_2011, Systematic Design of Instruction. This is my third course in the CDIT program and I find it very interesting. I particularly liked the reading we did in Module 3 which I have linked to here (mainly to test inserting a file) Media:InternationalPerspectivesOnTheDesignOfTechnologySupportedLearningSystems.pdf. I also read constantly and am accumulating interesting things on my Great_stuff page.


BS in CompSci back when Bill Gates was in knee pants.


Open Questions

  • Mathematical Formula

I think I have to admit temporary defeat on the Mathematical Formula. I don't know how to enter the characters that I would need it to translate into something pretty, like a radical sign, etc. I guess that goes on my list of things I have to research...

  • No Wiki Formatting

I also have to research No Wiki Formatting because that's what ''this'' is and I'm not seeing a difference... other than when I tried to make something italics, it just showed up with the two quotation marks around it.

  • Can I use embed codes?


Random Comments

  1. The Special:RecentChanges feature is going to take some getting used to. I'm not sure I like seeing every thing I do listed for the world to see...
  2. Numbered lists are easy!
  3. OK - I think I'm comfortable enough with this formatting stuff to move on to content...

--Maria Urquidi 22:07, 10 February 2011 (EST)