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BAM Radio - The Voice of the Education Community

  • Capturing attention and engaging students more effectively
  1. Get students' attention with something they need to figure out. (Why are you walking backwards? What is that thing on the board?)
  2. Frame content in terms of QUESTIONS, not answers - because questions ENGAGE.
  3. Think of content not in terms of what needs to be remembered but in terms of HOW IT CAN BE USED.
  4. Give opportunities to USE the knowledge and GIVE FEEDBACK.
  5. REMEMBER mirror neurons! Teachers affect will be mirrored by students.
  6. The brain has a powerful need to PREDICT. The more are student is trying to figure out the pattern/answer, the more they are engaged. Never just ask ONE student. Every student needs to answer every question. (Clickers!)

David Warlick's Blog

  • Technology Transformed Learning Environments
  1. Fueled by questions
  2. Provokes conversation
  3. Is responsive
  4. Compels a personal investment
  5. Provide safe environment for mistakes