Lesson III: Case Study Creation and Assessment


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In this module you will create your own case study from your chosen topic. You will receive feedback from two classmates as to your assessment questions and qualify your creation. Your final project will be your completed case study with user notes.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Use authentic knowledge to construct your own case study
  • Use the knowledge learned to create an assessment strategy for your case study
  • Use authentic knowledge to analyze case study content



  • Create your own case study
  • create assessment questions (at least four) for your case study (what you want your students to gain)
  • Respond to two(2) fellow student's case study assessment questions within the discussion board


Discuss the what makes a good assessment of a case study


  • Create your case study on your KNILT page.
  • Create assessment questions (at least 4) at the end of your case study (refer to Case study sample and Boston University in course content)
  • Access two other student's case study, read and reflect on the assessment questions within the discussion board
  • After reviewing the reading selections for this module please post to the discussion board:


Case Study Sample

[Boston University Case Study Reference]

[Case Study Discussion Board]


Please submit a reflection of the course content and where you feel said content could be used in the classroom today? (1-2 pages APA style)


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