Lesson I: What is a Case Study


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In this module you will learn what a case study is. By the end of the module you will be familiar with case studies.

Learning Outcomes:

Identify/define a case study

Identify the qualities of a case study



  • Review Sample Case Study (content)
  • Review "What is a Case Study" PDF (content)
  • Review Carnegie Mellon webpage on Case Studies (content)
  • Create your own page within KNILT and choose a topic for your own case study creation (KNILT Homepage)
  • Discuss with fellow students on the Case Study Discussion Board. Discuss what a case study means to you, any experiences from education stand-point or real-world in which you utilized a case study and where you feel a case study could be utilized in the classroom. (You should post three times and respond to at least three other student posts)


After completing the reading assignments, discuss what you understand about a case study(identify/define), the qualities(identify) of what you would consider a good case study, and give an example of an experience you may have had with a case study in the past (creation or use). Please post once to questions above and comment on at least four of your classmates post.


  • Review Case Study Sample (content)
  • Review "What is a Case Study" PDF (content)
  • Review Carnegie Mellon webpage on Case Studies (content)
  • Create a portfolio page within the knilt framework and choose a topic for a case study of your own. (KNILT)
  • After reviewing the reading selections for this module please post to the discussion board: (Discussion board ? Content)


Case Study Sample

[Case Study Discussion Board]

What is a case study PDF

[Carnegie Mellon University on Case Studies]

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