Lesson 3: A Participatory Culture


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Focus Objectives

Learners will contribute ideas and feedback on peer posts given resources regarding Participatory Culture and how it can be connected to Music Education on an online discussion board with peers.

In this lesson, learners will

  • Watch an example of successful collaboration using internet resources.
  • Understand what is meant by Participatory Culture
  • Explore different ways in which learners can contribute to a Participatory Culture through Music Education.

Activity #1

Watch this example of a creative web designer who uses the concepts of a Participatory Culture to connect individuals through music.

Consider how you or your students might participate in a Participatory Culture.

Activity #2

Read this article that connects Music Education with a Participatory Culture.

Consider how a Participatory Culture can exist within your own music class.

Activity #3

Play! with these websites that utilize components of a Participatory Culture. Consider what aspects you like and how could this improve your students' learning.

Activity #4

Discuss what some of the benefits are to incorporating the concept of a participatory culture into your music classroom. How can you use this in your own classroom? Would you use any of the ideas presented or do you imagine something different?


Tobias, E. S. (2013). Toward Convergence: Adapting Music Educatino to Contemporary Society and Participatory Culture. Music Educators Journal. 99(4), 29-36.