Lesson 2: Connecting Music Education with Distance Education


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Focus Objectives

Learners will compare and contrast online music education tools and discern their effectiveness in their teaching when provided with a list of URLs in an online discussion board with peers.

In this lesson, learners will

  • Explore different models and styles for teaching music at a distance.
  • Explore different games and tools to supplement classroom learning at a distance
  • Discuss some of the best characteristics of Music Education at a Distance and how it can be used in one's own classroom.

Activity #1

Visit and browse through at least two webpages that exhibit music education through online learning. Consider the pros and cons for each site.

Visit and browse through one of the following online lesson sites and consider the same

  • www.guitarjamz.com
  • www.jazzeveryone.com

Activity #2

Play! with some of these music education games online. Consider how can they supplement your classroom teaching?

Activity #3


Watch this tutorial on Smartmusic, a non web based teaching tool that can be used beyond the classroom.

Visit and explore. Consider how can this benefit your classroom?

  • www.smartmusic.com

Activity #4

Discuss what model(s) you found most useful and why. What tools did you see most useful for your own teaching? How could you incorporate some of these ideas into your own classroom?