Lesson 2: Comparing Resumes Based on Objective


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The objective of a resume is the first piece of information that an employer reads. This information helps the reader to know what the applicants goal is, either in applying for a job or for acceptance into a college or university. The objective should be short, informative, and right to the point. The information should be supported by the subheadings and listed information about the applicant. Work or volunteer experience should point back at the objective and provide evidence that the candidate is qualified for the opening. This lesson will help you to see if you are putting your best foot forward. It will also help you to see any areas that may have gaps or don't quite fit. Use this time to be sure that the information listed on your resume supports your objective. We want to try to only include the most important information and cut our resume's down to a single page.


1. Students will critique each resume focusing on the objective and supporting evidence.

To Do

Students will be split into two groups. The first group will consist of all college-oriented students and focus on analyzing the resumes of the second group. The second group will consist of all job-oriented students and focus on analyzing the resumes of the first group. Both groups should critique each resume using all of the information we have read, learned, and discussed throughout this course. Participants should also justify their critiques with supporting evidence. These critiques may be done through video chat, an in-person meeting, or through discussion in the discussion tab. At the end of this lesson participants should use these critiques to reflect back on their resume and make any necessary adjustments.

Look Ahead

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