Lesson 1: Action Words for Descriptions


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Resumes are not just a list of information. Each piece of information also needs description of the responsibilities or tasks that it required. This is your place to choose words carefully as to make your role seem very important. It is also the place in your resume that should most reflect the job description. Find action words (verbs) from within the job description that you could use to help describe some of the information you have listed on your resume. Include those verbs in the short descriptions you write describing each piece of information on your resume. This is the final addition to your resume.


1. Students will choose and use action words (verbs) in their resume.

2. Students will help their peers to reflect and improve their resume.


  • Read over the list of action verbs that you could use to help you write the descriptions on your resume. Action Verbs for Resumes

For example: As editor of the school yearbook you may want to write - Designed and directed the development of the yearbook, selling over 300 copies. Or as captain of the soccer team you may want to write - Helped to motivate and lead the team to a 17-2 season.

To Do

  • Add these short descriptions using action verbs to your resume.
  • Share your resume so others in the class can see your updated resume.


In the discussion tab, choose 3 peers to review their resume. Share with them any suggestions that you have to improve their descriptions. Do you know any alternate terms that could express their purpose using a different word? Is their resume ready to be sent to a potential college or employer? Are their descriptions appropriate for their expressed objective?

Looking Ahead

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