Lesson 1: Writing Your Objective


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We have looked at a few articles, videos, and resumes to help you get started and thinking about what your resume could look like in its final stage. Resumes are ever changing documents depending on their purpose or objective. In this lesson we will begin to look more closely at objectives and how to write them. At this point you should at least know if you are trying to use your resume for college or in seeking a job. If you are looking for a job, maybe you want to identify an actual job or you could write this objective for your dream job. However, you should have some job in mind when writing the objective or else it will be too vague. As you watch the video and read this week's article you will see that we want to avoid objective statements that do not express your desired end result. Objective statements should be immediately under your contact information so that they are the first thing your potential employer reads when reviewing your resume. The objective should make the employer want to continue looking at your resume, not deter them from reviewing your skills and experience.


1. Students will write an objective that clearly defines their purpose for the resume.
2. Students will use this objective to review the information they had initially used for their resume, removing any information that does not fit the purpose of the resume.



In the discussion tab, post your objective once you write it. Include a short paragraph (3-4 sentences) explaining your objective and what it expresses about your goal for the resume. Read an additional three objectives and comment if they support the goal or if they should be adjusted slightly to improve the possible outcome. Use the article and video to help you write your objective and analyze others in the class.

To Do

Add your objective to your resume.

Looking Ahead

Unit 3 Lesson 2