Lesson 2: Beginning Your Resume


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In this lesson you will begin to construct your resume using all of the information we have covered so far including: your name, contact information, and subheadings. We will look at objectives more closely in the next unit. However, you should have a general idea for the purpose of this resume and keep that in mind as you choose your subheadings and information. This should be your first (very) rough draft.


1. Students will begin writing their resume.
2. Students will assess each others first draft.

To Do

  • Begin this week by creating your resume with an objective in mind (college or career). Your resume, at this time, should include your heading with your name and contact information. It should also include subheadings with some information listed under each subheading. This is your rough draft, we will work together to cut things down so that it is not longer than a page throughout the next two units of this course. By Wednesday, you should share this document with the class through Google Drive.
  • Later this week you will be assigned to assess and critique two other students resumes by using the comment feature in Google Docs. These comments should be completed sometime between Thursday and Sunday. Please contact your classmate when you have completed your assessment. Please let me know if the person assigned to your resume did not complete their assessment.


In the discussion tab, please discuss what information you should be assessing each other on when looking over each other's resumes. Also discuss the appropriate way to assess each other - what statements should we use or avoid using?

Looking Ahead

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