Lesson 1: Resume Elements


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1. Students will begin to decide what information they should include in their resume.
2. Students will create headings from which to list their information.


Look over this list of possible headings for each section of your resume. Use this list as a resource for getting ideas - headings DO NOT HAVE to come from this list but there are some great choices to get you started. Resume Section Headings


Discuss (in the discussion tab) what headings you have created or chosen to include to help express your information. Why does that choice stand out to you? How do you connect to that topic? Kindly assess three other student's choices - does the choice make sense? Is the choice too broad or too narrow?

To Do

Begin compiling a list of information you plan to include in your resume and try fitting this information into some of the subheadings you have chosen. You may need to keep a running list of activities, community service, and work experience as you remember things that you have been involved in during your high school career. These activities should not go back farther than your freshman year of high school. For your initial list write everything down, you can cut out information later as you begin to format your resume.

Looking Ahead

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