Lesson 2: Analyzing Resumes


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Resumes should have a clear purpose or goal in their construction. You will use this time to begin thinking about how you could use the resume you will create in this mini-course. In this lesson, you will begin to analyze resumes using what you learned from the readings and video in Lesson 1. Keep these similarities and differences in mind as we move forward and you begin to construct your own resume.


  1. Students will be able to analyze similarities and differences between resumes.
  2. Students will identify the goal of their future resume.


Watch both videos to see both what you should include and some of the common mistakes individuals make when creating their resume. You should use these videos and what you learned from lesson 1 to analyze the resumes you collect.
Resumes for Teenagers
Resume No No's

To do

Reach out to friends/family/teachers for 3 examples of resumes. You should begin to identify similarities and differences between your samples. Write a short paragraph (5-6 sentences) on each example and how it relates to the reading. Did the resume creator use the tools addressed in the readings from lesson 1? Did the resume creator include any information that the reading from lesson 1 suggests not including? This paragraph should be submitted and shared with the instructor through Google drive.

  • If anyone has any problems getting samples of resumes, please let me know as soon as possible and I will help you to find 3 examples of resumes.


Discuss (using the discussion tab) one element of the resumes you reviewed that stood out to you. What set that resume or aspect of the resume apart from the others? Do you have any ideas for helping your resume stand out as you begin to create your own?

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