Josh Casano Unit 1

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Unit 1: Weebly

This unit focuses on creating a Weebly site in order to expand opportunities for learners to have access to information and contact their instructors as well. Weebly is an accessible and user friendly free web site builder. There is opportunity to upgrade the features for a fee. With Weebly, one can upload files such as homework, project and assignment descriptions, videos, audio files and more. A feature I think is a great compliment to Weebly is Remind. A Remind widget can be added so texts and/or emails can be sent to students to remind them of an upcoming quiz or test or just a reminder when homework is due and what the homework is.

The activities in this unit align with the purpose of learning what a Weebly page is and how it applies to maintaining course content and communication with current courses. By completing the tasks within this unit, participants will end up with a completed design and construction of a working Weebly site geared toward their specific courses.

  • Use the discussion tab to interact with other participants taking the course to identify issues, things that work well and even peer assessments of projects.

Lesson 1:Explore


  • To become familiar with through existing examples in music and other content areas.

Watch a few tutorials to become familiar with Weebly.

Check out some sample sites to get an idea of how Weebly can work for your classes.

In this lesson you will view other Weebly sites and get a sense of how you want your site to look.

Keep in mind the aesthetics, essential pages, content, image and image placement and contact information page.

Mr. Casano’s Music Site (My Site)

Sample Site 2

Sample Site 3

Sample Site 4

Lesson 2: Design


  • To become familiar with and the layout of it's components.
  • To begin designing a Weebly page suitable to the participants' needs.

Click HERE to sign up for a free Weebly log in and password. Once you have followed the proper steps, Log In and begin to explore the site.

2. Before starting, please consider having the digital versions of the following ready:

  • Your class schedule (What do you teach each period?)
  • Summary of each class/subject taught.
  • Syllabus for each class you teach.
  • Web address to your class standards (These are often provided online

through your state’s Dept. of Education).


Click the link to check out the NYS Standards for the Arts:

NYS Standards for the Arts


Click on the file below and complete the Weebly scavenger hunt:


HERE is a clip on how to add music to your site.

Think about the courses you teach and add images accordingly.

Adding Images

Make it easy for yourself. As you search for pictures for your site, begin to compile images you wish to use in a labeled folder. Keep in mind images for wiki must be no greater than 2MB.


Use this rubric to assess your progress creating your weebly site.

File:WikiRubricWeebly.pdf] [1]

Follow each prompt and when you are finished, assess your finished product. Check your site against the components of the rubric.

Does your Weebly meet all the criteria?


By clicking HERE you will be able to interact with me as well as other participants in the class.

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