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Unit Two: Smart Notebook

Pre-requisite: Must have a SMART board

SMART Boards are interactive whiteboards developed by SMART Technologies. They are large touch-sensitive whiteboards that use a sensor for detecting user sensory input, such as scrolling or tapping, that is equivalent to normal PC input devices, such as a mouse or a keyboard.

Smart Notebook software is used for use with Smart boards. Smart Notebook is the software that runs the classroom in today's educational instruction. SMART Technologies, the maker of the SMART board, says its whiteboards are used in more than 1.5 million K-12 classrooms and by more than 30 million students globally. And they point to research that shows interactive whiteboards benefiting “student engagement, learner motivation and knowledge retention" (Weber, 2017).

Smart Board Connections




  • Use the discussion tab to interact with other participants taking the course to identify issues, things that work well and even peer assessments of projects.

Lesson 1

Download the latest free trial version of Smart Notebook 11 HERE


Take the quick tutorial and begin to formulate a lesson you would like to use with Smart technology.

Lessons and games that may help you research what you are looking to do can be found at Smart Exchange

  • One thing to point out is that there is not a cache of images or folders of pictures pre-loaded into Smart Notebook. You will have to search them on and download them to your computer.

Check out these examples: Music History Jeopardy

SmartBoard Lessons Pdf

Lesson 2


lick the link to check out the NYS Standards for the Arts:

NYS Standards for the Arts

Another Scavenger hunt

Open a new Smart Notebook file and follow the prompts on the scavenger hunt.



Use this RUBRIC to guide you in your design of your Smart lesson. when you are ready, self-assess your project and email it to


By clicking HERE you will be able to interact with my self and other participants in the course.

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