Issues of Cloning



Welcome to this mini-course on the issues surrounding cloning. While going through this course you will learn about the process of cloning, the specific issues of ecconomics, ethics and procedure that surround it, and you will have a chance to debate on whether cloning research should be continued or stopped completely. At the end of each unit there will be reflective questions on what has been presented to you during the unit.

Target Audience

This course was designed for grade 7-9 students who are just becoming aquainted with the concept of cloning.

Goals of this course

  1. Understand what the process of cloning.
  2. Understand what some of the benefits of cloning are.
  3. Understand the ethical, economical and procedural issuses that surround cloning.
  4. Be able to form an opinion on whether cloning research should be continued or halted.


  • A basic knowledge of how to navigate around the internet.
  • Basic knowledge of cells, nuclei and DNA.
  • The willingness to open your mind to the world that could be if cloning becomes a way of life.

Unit 1: What is Cloning?

Unit 2: The Pros and Cons of Cloning

Unit 3: The Debate