Integrating technology into a Physical Education Curriculum


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Physical Education has long been a subject in schools that was thought to be unchanging by the technological advancements happening in the world. Teachers played the same "tired 6" sports and students either loved it, or hated it. In recent years, there has been a movement among some of the top PE teachers across the country to get students excited about PE again. They have done this by including technology into the lessons to make students interested in coming to PE. This course will help current or future Physical Education teachers to gain knowledge about what kinds of technologies are currently available and how they can integrate these technologies into their classrooms. The teacher must be willing to think outside the box in order to start the transition toward a more technology friendly gym. The units below will help teachers to step outside their comfort zone of a ball and whistle and open their eyes to the possibilities that are available to them.

UNIT 1 Forms of Technology in PE

UNIT 2 Utilizing the Technology in PE

UNIT 3 Managing the Technology in PE

UNIT 4 Technology in PE