Talk:Integrating technology into a Physical Education Curriculum


-- Sarah Morehouse (talk) 21:14, 23 April 2013 (EDT)

I cannot find the lesson to do the developmental tryout on. Please email me the link at and I will get right to it! Thank you!

Jeanne's Developmental Tryout of William's Mini Course: review of Mini-Course -- Jeanne M. Weber (talk) 16:24, 28 April 2013 (EDT)


After reading over the agenda and evaluation criteria provided, here are my comments specifically regarding the Mini-course page. As I stated in my comments on your portfolio page, overall, I felt that this course has the potential to be of benefit to the target participants, i.e. Physical Education Educators. I do however have a number of concerns that I have outlined below.


I can hear my mother's voice as I say this... I found several grammar issues that you may want to address (forgive my anal-retentive nature when it comes to grammar – my husband actually calls me the “grammar police”) I have commented on the content and design further down.

On the main mini-course page:

  • Under the Introduction Section: “Physical Education has long been subject in schools that was” (should there be a word between “been” and “subject”?)


Under the objectives section:

  • Bullet 3: (At the end of this unit, learners will be able to: ) __?__ How to integrate the technology (missing word?)

Under the Introduction section:

  • more of a hassle than an aid... (aid should be aide (aid=verb, aide=noun))

Under the Forms of technology section:

  • monitor the students vital signs Students should be possessive i.e. Students' (plural possessive) or student's (singular possessive)
  • (Paragraph 3) With this information... This also informs the students of how they __?__ working, (missing word)

Under the Video software section:

  • ... is to use a motion software ('a' not needed)
  • ...The students movement skill (student's)
  • ...preferred)and (needs space)
  • ... Some of the programs features (program's)
  • Repeated bullet line:
  • Improve communication with students thanks to objective visual support.
  • Improve communication with students thanks to objective visual support.

General concerns/suggestions

Beyond the grammar issues, Unit one has a great deal of raw data. I am convinced - Sign me up! However, that said I feel you could go a lot further to engage me to reach the stated objectives.


  • What about some visuals besides the images? Are there video tutorials or demonstrations that you could link to each type of technology? Student “testimonials” or demonstrations?
  • And how will YOU know that the participant has reached the stated objectives? Can you think of any tangible way for the participant to express or demonstrate what they have learned in Unit one? Or show that they can analyze, compare/contrast the options?
  • One last concern: the main page for your mini-course is sparse both in description and visuals. This is the page that is supposed to “grab” the prospective participant's attention and make them want to take the course. After reviewing several of our other classmates' mini-courses, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your's is the least engaging. Many have pictures, and a clear “Welcome!” message. There is also a brief description of overall goals and reasoning – to help a prospective participant to decide if this is the course for them without having to look beyond the first page. You may want to consider looking at some others as examples to decide if you want to enhance your own page.

I hope you are able to take my suggestions as they are intended - Just some ideas for improvement but in no way intended to criticize or judge. As I said previously, the basic idea is very intriguing and relevant.

Instructor feedback on your draft unit -- Jianwei Zhang (talk) 18:56, 4 May 2013 (EDT)

Hi William,

I was not able to see your unit 1 because of a bad link. I just read it. The content looks solid. You need to further improve by expanding the opening paragraph in the course front page to indicate whom this course is for, what the course level objectives are. Your unit 1 objectives need to be refined:

Know where to find these resources
How to integrate the technology

Write these in full sentences with details using performance terms.