William Jones Portfolio


Integrating technology into a Physical Education Curriculum

Project Intent/Course Purpose

I would like to teach educators how to integrate technology into their Physical Education curriculum to provide their students with a deeper understanding of the skills and objectives.

I want to provide educators with different pieces of technology that will allow them to use technology to show student growth and accountability.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course

Educators will understand the potential learning growth that integrating technology will bring to their programs.

Educators will know 3 ways to integrate technology into their classrooms.

Educators will be able to create lessons that include these pieces of technology.

Performance Objectives

Upon completion of this mini-course, participants will be able to create their own technology integrated lesson that incorporates use of technology that will increase students accountability and provide students with real time feedback of their exertion.

Educators will be able to use technology to give students immediate performance feedback.

Educators will know where and how to provide a space for long term tracking of feedback.

Task Analysis

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, the learners will:

Understand the benefits of integrating technology into their programs

Understand the different ways in which they can integrate technology

Understand why instant feedback is important to student achievement

Understand the role of technology as a tool to increase student learning



Have a firm understanding of the student achievement goals

Be willing to adapt current methods in order to improve them using technology

Reflecting on current assessing techniques and be willing to alter them

Be willing to use technology in current courses

Understand the difficulties involved in changing current methods

Be comfortable working with basic audio/video and heart rate monitoring technology


Have an open mind about including technology

Be comfortable with changing lesson plans due to arising issues

Be conscious of student privacy rules when it comes to videotaping

Be open to criticism from colleagues