Igge unit2


Unit 2: Using Google Earth to Locate Your House


In this unit you will be shown how to perform basics searches using Google Earth. In lesson number one we will discuss various searching methods along with other tools within the application. Once this lesson is completed you will have the opportunity to search for your house and view it from space. Afterwards there is a required and graded assignment based upon the information you learned in this unit’s lesson.

Objectives: Upon completion of this unit, students will have the ability to:
1) Operate the basic functions of Google Earth
2) Use Google Earth to search for specific landmarks
3) Determine the relative map location between one point of interest from another

1) Computer
2) Internet Access
3) Web Browser
4) Completion of IGGE Unit 1
1) A positive attitude towards technology, computers, the internet
2) A positive attitude towards geography
3) Open to learning new ideas and terms

Lesson 2: Viewing your house from Space

1) Assignment 1: Locating Famous Landmarks with Google Earth
2) Discussion 2: Click on the "Discussion” tab at the top of this page and answer each of the following questions. Once completed read and reply to at least 3 of your classmates posts on their page.
a)Discuss some of the things you like or are excited about Google Earth and why.
b)Discuss some of the things you disliked or tasks you had problems accomplishing and how you solved them.
c) Describe what your house or neighborhood looks like from outer space in detail. Where you surprised by anything you saw in the satellite image?
30 minutes estimated to complete

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