Formative Assessment Project Page



Welcome! This course is designed to get you started on using formative assessment in your classroom. While many of you will have had some experience with formative assessment in the past, through this course we will develop a detailed knowledge of; what formative assessment is, how to use it to guide your lesson planning and what new formative assessment technologies are available.

Course Direction

We are going to start at the very beginning, and develop a definition and a sense of the differences between formative and summative assessment.After we have the definition settled we will move on to using formative assessment in informing lesson planning choices. Then we will look at formative assessment tools. The course is designed to include authentic examples of formative assessment, and to be very applicable to your personal classroom. You will ask your fellow classmates to give you feedback on lessons and units that you use.

Course Goals

  • Students will be able to explain the difference between summative and formative assessments.
  • Students will be able to understand ways in which using formative assessment is important to lesson design.
  • Students will generate formative assessments to use in their own classrooms using the socrative app and google forms.

Pre-requisite skills

  • You need to be comfortable navigating the internet, and using a computer.
  • You need to understand how objectives are written.

Your task

  • Participate in group discussion activities by giving and commenting on information posted
  • Share information and experiences from your classroom
  • Choose types of formative assessment to try in your classroom and share your experiences

Unit 1- Formative Assessment What is formative assessment?

Target objective: Learners will be able to identify the meaning and importance of formative assessment.

Unit 2- Formative Assessment in Practice What are examples of formative assessments?

Target objective: Learners will be able to analyze aspects formative assessments and apply new knowledge to their own lesson planning.

Unit 3- Formative Assessment Design

Target Objective: Learners will apply their knowledge of formative assessment to their own lesson planning