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Character Education



“Education in virtue is the only education which serves the name.” – Plato

Throughout History, and in Cultures all over the world, Education has had two primary goals: to help students "Become Smart and to help them Become Good."

Character Education is the deliberate effort to cultivate virtue. Specifically, the virtue means the good human qualities that are good for the individual person. The influence is profound and cover the whole society and culture. In 21st century, because of the development of technology and economy, there are more and more variations and uncertainties in the environment. Our students are now under the situation full of the overwhelming information and stimulus. It becomes more important for them to have moral sensitivity, judgment, motivation, and action when they encounter the real life problem and moral dilemma. In the other words,our students need character qualities such as diligence, a strong work ethic, and a positive attitude in order to do their best in school, become lifelong learners, work hard and succeed in life. They need character qualities such as honesty, respect, and fairness in order the live and work with others. It's a lifelong lesson and basic skill to be successful in the 21st century. Thus, as educators, it's crucial to learn about Character Education and learn the strategies to help our students be equipped both moral and performance character.

Unit One: What's Character Education?

Target Objective

Learners will be able to identify the meaning of Character Education.

Unit Two: The effective principles of Character Education

Target Objective

Learners will be able to identify the effective principles of Character Education.

Unit Three: How to use Children Literature to teach good character?

Target Objective

Learners will be able to identify the meaning and benefits of using children literature teach good character.

Unit Four: My best book for teaching character in classroom

Target Objective

Learners will be able to evaluate certain children literature which they can apply to Character Education.

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